"1. It is beyond the matter of truth and uncertainty both.

2. There is no difference between that which is within and that which is without. Through this the realizations of the work are transfigured and transmitted.

3. And as all things have as their source not one but nought and the nescience thereof, so too are all things borne by the dissolution of nought.

4. It is without father and mother, it was carried not and nursed not. The elements are of it; it is not of the elements.

5. Its force is entire only when it is interred in the earth.

6. Let the thin and crude seek to separate subtle from gross; with modesty and wisdom, it is indivisible and without division. 

7. The dove and the serpent are the logos of illusion; by their dissolution its efficacy is shown through work.

8. You do not need glory.

9. And you will see, but never gain perfection.

10. All force is presupposed by it. The subtle and the hard have no secret which cannot be known by it. 

11. It is not for the world to be created.

12. From this comes the understanding of that which cannot be known, as the means of it and its formlessness are together.

13. Hence I am called Sharab of Ur, who has the wisdom of no thing. 

14. That which I have said of it is ended."